Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) is the premier chamber of the country, representing the mainstream of economic activities by virtue of its location in the main industrial and commercial hub of the country.

Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry


History Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) is the premier chamber of the country, representing the mainstream of economic activities by virtue of its location in the main industrial and commercial hub of the country. It was formed in 1959 through the amalgamation of four trade bodies in Karachi at that time, namely, the Pakistan Merchants’ Association, Buyers and Shippers’ Chamber, Chamber of Commerce Pakistan and All Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It was registered under the Trade Organization Ordinance 1961, which regulates the working of the Trade Bodies in the country.

The building of KCCI also has historical significance as its foundation was laid by Mahatma Gandhi on Jul 8, 1934; the building’s name was Karachi Indian Merchant’s Association then.


KCCI is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) and has two classes of membership, namely, general members and Town Associations. At present, Karachi Chamber has around 22,000 direct members both industrialists and traders. Seven Industrial Town Associations affiliated with KCCI as their parent body, namely, S.I.T.E. Association of Industry, Landhi Association of Trade & Industry, Korangi Association of Trade & Industry, Federal ‘B’ Area Association of Trade & Industry, North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry, S.I.T.E. Superhighway Association of Industry, Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry. Thus, the Chamber’s effective membership comes to over 55,000 while around 500,000 plus taxpayers also fall under KCCI’s ambit through its member firms.
It represents the Business and Industrial Community in the city of Karachi, contributing more than 65% revenue to the national exchequer and a city of more than 22 million dwellers. It is the largest Chamber of Pakistan and the Sub-Continent. It is also considered to be among the Top 10 largest Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the world in terms of its membership base. KCCI has been successfully managed by the elected members that belong to the Businessmen Group (BMG).

History of Businessmen Group (BMG)

The BMG was established in 1998 with a sole motto of public service. Since its inception, BMG has not compromised on its manifesto for the genuine/legal rights of the Business and Industrial Community and remains committed to project and promote them. BMG is serving under the Chairmanship of Mr. Siraj Kassam Teli (Sitara-e-Imtiaz), Leader of Business and Industrial Community, Former President KCCI and immensely experienced industrialist. Mr. Tahir Khaliq, Mr. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Mr. Haroon Farooki, Mr. Anjum Nisar, who have also held the position of the former presidents of KCCI, are rendering their services as Vice Chairmen of BMG, while Mr. A. Q. Khalil holds the position of General Secretary of BMG. Together, they are working diligently towards the common objective of promoting trade and industry.

BMG has been winning all the elections on the managing committee positions of KCCI without losing a single seat since 1998-99, while 12 elections have been won by BMG unopposed, which is an acknowledgement of the public service by the BMG and a testament of the Business and Industrial Community’s confidence. Moreover, the KCCI ‘s Annual Elections 2018-19 held on Sept. 15, 2018, were marked with highest voters’ turnout, in which BMG’s candidates defeated their opponents with double the margin and secured all the seats. BMG’s lead winning candidate managed to secure the highest 3404 votes while the top performer of the opponent group obtained just 1760 votes.



Slogan: “We want TRADE not AID”



The organization’s policies and programs are determined by 40 members of Managing Committee (MC) which include 30 elected MC Members, 7 reserved seat for the representatives of Town Associations, 2 reserved seats for women entrepreneurs and an Ex-officio Member. The 30 MC Members are elected by the General Body members out of which 15 retire every year and in their place, new members are inducted through elections for a period of two years. The two reserved seats for Women Entrepreneurs are coopted by the MC every year. One seat each is reserved for representatives/nominations from Chamber’s affiliated seven industrial town associations each year. The Ex-Officio Member is the out-going president of KCCI to ensure consistency and continuity of policies. The office bearers of KCCI; the President, Senior Vice President and Vice-President are annually elected by the MC from among their members. President acts as a Chief Executive and controls the working of office and directs all matters of the Chamber including staff, with the assistance of Senior Vice-President and Vice-President. 

KCCI Functional Working

The Chamber’s workings and functions are carried out by Sub-Committees and task force participation. The Managing Committee forms Sub-Committees on various subjects, relating to trade and industry. The Sub-Committees forwards their recommendations for the consideration and approval of the Managing Committee. Presently, following 19 Sub-Committees and 4 Special Sub-Committees are working in KCCI; 

  • GST / SRB
  • Federal Taxation
  • Exports / Special Economic Zones
  • Customs & Valuation
  • Import, Anti-Smuggling, Quarantine & Certification
  • Industry & Environment
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Fairs, Exhibitions & Trade Delegation
  • Law & Order
  • Communication
  • Diplomatic Missions & Embassies Liaison
  • Public Sector, Utilities, Power & Gas
  • Provincial / Local Taxes
  • Ports, Shipping & Multi Modal Transport
  • Health & Education
  • WTO,IPR,FTA & Regional Trade
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Travel & Tourism Hajj & Umrah
  • Housing, Construction & Real Estate
    • Special Committee for Legal Affairs ( Assets Management / Hospital / Tenants)
    • Special Committee to Implement MOUs / ICC/ WCF
    • Special Committee for My Karachi
    • Special Committee for Small Traders

Services Rendered by KCCI

KCCI, being the premier Chamber of Karachi is making persistent efforts and striving hard to promote trade and industry. The core chamber services that KCCI provides to its members include:

  • a. Memberships
  • b. Attestation of documents
  • c. Visa facilitation for businessmen

Moreover, KCCI’s media department is an integral unit which promotes KCCI’s message and spreads the voice of Business and Industrial Community on all the forums of print, electronic and social media.KCCI has developed a state of the art Research and Development Department which renders services to its members by apprising on the ongoing economic issues, conducting in-depth research on diverse socio-economic issues and developing economic policy recommendations.

KCCI Research issues a daily KCCI E-Bulletin containing current economic highlights and statistics. It has also prepared KCCI Country Wraps containing economic and trade details of more than 200 countries along with their bilateral relations with Pakistan. To further facilitate its members, KCCI Research promptly responds to all member queries which are received from time to time. KCCI has a special emphasis on keeping abreast with the technological advancements. The IT department of KCCI has revamped its entire systems with the objective of being equipped with latest hardware and software solutions to maximize automation and improve business efficiency. The IT department has also upgraded KCCI’s website adding enhanced functionalities and also increased its presence through social media including maintaining an updated corporate page on Facebook and also through video conferencing.

KCCI has also been organizing several events, exhibitions, seminars and conferences to promote business and trade. KCCI also organizes Export Trophy Awards to select the best exporters of Karachi aimed at encouraging exports of Pakistan particularly from Karachi. KCCI has been promoting single country exhibitions and has led several trade delegations in various countries.

Economic Horizon

Economic Horizon is the flagship newsletter of KCCI published every month to apprise the members on the upfront socio-economic or political issues that need to be highlighted along with the stance of the Chamber, thereupon. The newsletter also covers recent events and activities of KCCI conducted to promote trade, business and industry.   

KCCI also maintains a close liaison with Diplomatic Corps, Trade Missions of different countries and international/leading chambers all around the globe. During the years, KCCI has signed more than 90 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with various esteemed chambers of the world for strengthening ties and establishing close relationships with international business and industrial community.   

Liaison with Diplomatic Corps and Trade Missions

Formation of Joint Chambers

KCCI has also achieved significant success in initiating joint chambers with various countries of the world of which Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI) is a milestone. Further talks are underway for forming joint chambers with around 30 countries’ chambers including Jakarta Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia and Malay Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia. KCCI also nominates a suitable member at the board of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to represent KCCI, contribute to uplift the economy and promote business interactions among the business and industrial communities across the globe.  

KCCI’s Flagship “My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony” Exhibition, offers a distinctive platform to domestic and foreign businesses to showcase their products and services. It is a successful tradition of KCCI since 2004, organized at Expo Center, Karachi every year. It is encouraging that many foreign countries participate in this exhibition like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Turkey, Thailand and South Korea, to name a few.

The vision of “My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony” Exhibition is to rebuild the soft image of Karachi and to give positive signals to the foreign businesses and entrepreneurs that the industrial and commercial activities are going on smoothly in Pakistan particularly in Karachi and, in parallel, to ensure that corporate entities meet and strengthen their relationships with the foreign counterparts so that the image and prestige of Pakistan and Karachi are enhanced. The name “My Karachi’ was chosen for this exhibition signifies that everyone who lives in this city to take ownership, as we at KCCI do, while the theme “Oasis of harmony” depicts the city of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi- language and sectarian people living together in peace and harmony.

My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony

KCCI – the leading voice of the Business & Industrial Community of Karachi

KCCI is the leading voice of the Business and Industrial Community, striving to improve the business environment and economic well-being of Pakistan particularly that of Karachi. The struggle of KCCI to create conducive business environment continues unabated and the Chamber has been successful in achieving several milestones in various fields from resolving teething problems of the Business and Industrial Community to persuading government to streamline tax and economic policies. Chamber has also played a vital role in presenting a soft image of Pakistan in global markets and attracting foreign businesses to Pakistan through effective liaison with the representatives at the embassies and consulates and business delegates of different countries and by highlighting the business opportunities available in Pakistan. The achievement only became possible by relentless efforts and engaging all the stakeholders towards a common goal of growth and prosperity.