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Research and Development (R&D) is an essential function for accelerating the development of trade and industry worldwide. Chambers of commerce and industry globally provide key insight into business, economics and finance to their members through value additive trade and policy research. In the same manner, the Research & Development Cell at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also proactively striving to provide valuable economic, financial and trade information and insight to the esteemed members and office bearers and staff of KCCI, policy makers and other stake holders. During the year 2012-13, KCCI’s Research & Development Cell was revamped and redefined under the able leadership of Mr. Siraj Kassam Teli, Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) and Former President KCCI whose dynamic guidance turned this vision into a reality. Resultantly, the newly set department is proving its mettle through provision of timely and quality research which is being well received and appreciated by various stakeholders. Contribution of KCCI Research and Development Cell in economic prosperity Economic prosperity of the country can only be ensured by the presentation of the true and accurate picture of its economic situation and recommendations for prompt corrective measures, whenever needed. KCCI is an institution that can make a huge difference in this respect. The re- establishment of a full-fledged Research and Development Cell is an important initiative by the leadership of KCCI since research and development plays a pivotal role in placing a nation on the path of economic prosperity. Research and development paves the way for trade development, business growth and enhancement, consolidation, improvement and initiation of trade and economic ties with other countries, along with channeling of investment into the domestic industries to catalyze growth.   The Research & Development Cell of KCCI is striving hard to fulfill the needs of the members by acquiring complete information and analytical insight into the economic picture of Pakistan and in comparison with other countries of the world. The department is collecting, organizing and disseminating relevant data and providing its analytical views on not only Pakistan’s economy but also on the global economy so that the office bearers and members of KCCI could be facilitated with timely and in depth analysis with respect to trade and commerce. The scope of the Research & Development Cell is very wide in terms of its working parameters. The department does not only provide a wide range of economic and financial research but also readily makes available statistical data and analyses on the economic indicators of Pakistan and other countries. To manage the extensive nature of the department’s work, a database is being designed where statistical data would be maintained in an easy-to-retrieve data structure, whereby relevant economic information could be accessed in a timely manner by the office bearers and members of KCCI. The intense database being developed would not only include Pakistan’s economic, trade and financial information but also information and material on other countries, currencies, commodities etc. The purpose of developing the database is to have the proper building blocks in place that would lead to attainment of results on factual basis. The Research & Development Cell also conducts analysis of policies and procedures proposed or adopted by the government, economic and trade bodies / associations, government and quasi- government institutions / organizations and then present views over their probable impact on the traders, investors and the business community in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi. As a case in example, the Research & Development Cell produced three analytical reports on the Federal Budget 2013-14 and disseminated them to the members for timely decision making. The fast pace of globalization and high growth of international trade has made it imperative that governments, commercial attaches, international trade development bodies and business delegations frequently interact with each other. The Research & Development Cell strives to keep members and office bearers of KCCI abreast of latest developments at the international level. In this context, research products have been developed by the Research & Development Cell seeking to provide analyses and information which aid in fruitful discussion and negotiations with foreign delegates and visitors.  Major Goals of Research & Development Cell   1. To help KCCI promote trade with keen focus on promotion of exports from Karachi /Pakistan, as this would lead to an improved balance of trade and in turn, the economic health of the country. 2. Identification and exploration of opportunities to attract the foreign investment in Karachi/Pakistan. 3. To assess Pakistan’s business competitiveness vis-à-vis global markets and identify the loop holes and constraints. 4. Evaluation and analysis of business prospects for traders in the local and international markets. 5. To contribute in promoting viewpoints of KCCI and its members in the echelons of power in the government for enhancement of trade and industry within the city and the country.
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