KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times

Recently, KCCI Research published a report: FY20 – KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times
In the report titled FY20 – KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times KCCI fought on all fronts for ensuring ease of doing business.
It launched relentless efforts in the areas of policy environment, taxation and much more. Even during COVID-19, KCCI persuaded
the government to reprioritize its resources to protect the business and industrial community in order to save the economy.
Even though KCCI had been advocating for solving Karachi’s woes, especially in the areas of infrastructure development
and provision of uninterrupted supplies of utilities, the chamber shifted gears after torrential rains in the city uncovered the
scale of the problems for Karachiites.

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CNG, power, general industry: Increase in gas prices notified by Ogra

Ogra has notified an increase in gas prices for CNG, power, general industry and export-oriented general industry, while maintaining the prices for domestic consumers, roti tandoors and cement, with effect from 1st Sep’20. The gas price for power sector including the IPPs was hiked by PKR[…]

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Avoiding lay-offs: SBP disbursed PKR 229Bn among 2,858 firms so far: IMF

SBP has disbursed PKR 229Bn among 2,858 firms so far to incentivise businesses and avoid laying off their workers during the pandemic, said the IMF, in its updated report, “Policy Actions Taken by Countries”.[…]

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Electricity to industrial consumers: Finance Ministry confused about subsidy arrangement

Finance Ministry is reportedly confused about the subsidy arrangement of around PKR 350Bn on supply of subsidized electricity to industrial consumers for 3 years. ECC was informed that the average energy demand decreased by approx. 1.05% at generation level in FY20 from FY19. There is[…]

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Disinvestment proceeds: SBP further streamlines process of remittance

In order to further streamline the process of remittance of disinvestment proceeds, SBP has decided to further delegate the authority to designated Authorized Dealers of resident companies for remittance of disinvestment proceeds to non-resident investors. As per amendment, the companies[…]

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