Govt blames price hike on trade ban with India, weather

Attributing the prevailing price hike to suspension of trade with India, failure of provinces in keeping administrative control over the middleman and seasonal factors, the govt.’s economic team has forecast easing out of inflationary pressure in the next 2 months. PM’s Adviser on Finance, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and Revenue Minister, Hammad Azhar, enumerated some positive comments from international lending and rating agencies and said that national economy is now set to move from stabilisation to recovery mode and lead to higher growth. Centre is taking up the matter with provincial govt.s for setting up of Sasta Bazaars and effective use of magistracy system to ensure relief to the public. Mr. Shaikh said some price factors like international oil and energy prices are beyond the govt.’s control, but it is ensuring enough safeguards through subsidy, income support programme, health insurance and cheaper availability of essential items to ensure vulnerable segments remain protected from price hike.