Majority welcomes demand of handing over Karachi to Army, says Teli

BMG chairman and former President of KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli has said that the task to rebuild infrastructure has to be immediately given to NDMA and FWO. He said an overwhelming majority have supported and praised his statement of handing over Karachi to Pakistan Army for the next 5 years to rebuild Karachi’s infrastructure while only a few misunderstood this statement and they should know that he is a born Karachiite and a Memon and more Sindhi than anybody else in this province. He further pointed out that the miserable state of Karachi’s infrastructure can be gauged from the fact that excluding the main roads, all other roads within the whole city and also within the jurisdiction of all 7 industrial zones of Karachi, particularly Site area, are in an awful state and almost inexistent.