PM Imran Khan unveils PKR 1.2Tn relief package Fuels fall by PKR 15 a litre

PM Imran Khan has unveiled a financial relief package worth around PKR 1.2Tn to ward off the negative impact of coronavirus in the country. The package includes reducing prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene by PKR 15 per litre, providing PKR 3,000 monthly stipend for daily wagers, and improving liquidity crunch for exporters and industrialists. The PM made the first announcement for industries and exporters to the tune of PKR 200Bn as he announced that FBR has been instructed to release PKR 100Bn refunds on immediate basis to help improve liquidity crunch being faced by the exporters. For the SMEs, the principle and mark-up of loans would be deferred with the help of PKR 100Bn. He also announced that electricity bills up to 300 units that consists of 75% consumers will be able to pay their bills through instalments over next three months. The gas bill will also be allowed through three instalments over next three months.