KCCI Tenders

General Instructions

Vendors interested in becoming registered Suppliers with KCCI must preregister with the Procurement Department/Vendor relation section. This registration process is mandatory and supersedes all previous registration, such registration is valid for one year, thereafter, it is the vendor’s responsibility to renew their registration in a timely manner at least 3 months ahead of expiry. All new and existing vendors are required to register by completing this form and submitting the following documents along with it.

  1. Copies of Firm registration / incorporation, Sales Tax, NTN certificates, and copy of Income Tax Returns for the last year.
  2. Company profile along with past experience over the last two years stating major supplies/ contracts/ services/ evidence of experience.
  3. Products and service categories check list marking the categories the company is able to provide.
  4. All pages of this registration form & related documents must be signed and stamped by the authorized signatory.

All parts of the registration form must be completed, and all requirement must be fully complied with.

Registration with KCCI, if accepted, does not constitute any obligation by Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry to guarantee any tender invitation, contractual awards or any order for product or service.

Incomplete application and/or missing information shall not be dealt with; all queries regarding registration should be directed to Administration Department, KCCI AIwan-e-Tijarat Road Off Shahra-e-Liaquat Road Karachi Phone 021-99218001-09.

All parts of this registration form must be completed, incomplete forms will not be processed

(Apply only if your firm has been established for more than two (2) Years)

NOTE: KCCI Vendor Registration Fee is Rs.2,000/- and Renewal Fee will be Rs. 1,000/- in shape of Pay order or Cash.