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KCCI vows to get Orangi traders’ issues resolved

PR No.: PR-/29
Released On: November 21, 2020
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Islamic Date: Rabil ul Sani 05, 1442 A.H

KARACHI: Senior Vice President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) M. Saqib Goodluck, after listening to the grievances being suffered by the Orangi traders, vowed that KCCI would try its best to get the infrastructure, sewerage, electricity and law & order issues resolved by bringing them to the notice of relevant departments as KCCI was keen to ensure an enabling environment for shopkeepers and SMEs who play an important role in the economic development of the country.Exchanging views with a delegation from Orangi Traders Association (OTA) during its visit to KCCI, Saqib Goodluck advised the OTA delegation to submit all their issues in writing so that these could be taken up by KCCI with relevant departments, besides regularly participating in KCCI’s meetings, availing Chamber’s memberships and also becoming members of numerous subcommittees which would provide a perfect platform for highlighting issues and getting them instantly resolved.

The meeting was also attended by President KCCI M. Shariq Vohra, Vice President Shamsul Islam Khan, Chairman KCCI’s Special Committee for Small Traders Abdul Majeed Memon, President OTA Abdullah Batra, Vice President OTA Aamir Arif and KCCI Managing Committee Members. SVP KCCI further advised traders to strictly comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) notified by the government, particularly the business hours in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19 pandemic as it was being feared that the second wave of this life-threatening diseases may prove more dangerous than the first one.He said that any law and order issue being faced by shopkeepers of Orangi Town can also be brought to KCCI’s notice which would be dealt on top priority through KCCI’s Law & Order Subcommittee and Police Chamber Liaison Committee. Speaking on the occasion, Vice President KCCI urged OTA delegation to unite under KCCI’s umbrella so that common infrastructure issues being suffered by all the trade associations, small businesses and industries etc. could be discussed and one forceful voice could be raised from KCCI’s platform which will not be ignored by the decision makers. On the occasion, Chairman Special Committee for Small Traders Majeed Memon also underscored that all the issues be brought to KCCI’s notice as under the specific guidelines issued by Chairman BMG Siraj Kassam Teli, the office bearers and KCCI’s Special Committee for Small Traders were bound to resolve issues being faced by small traders with any kind of discrimination.

Speaking on the occasion, President OTA Abdullah Batra sought KCCI’s assistance in dealing with electricity load shedding, law and order, police harassment, sewerage and other infrastructure issues. He pointed out that the road leading from Abdullah Girls College to the entrance of Orangi Town was the most sensitive locality where street crimes were widely being reported but the police department has failed miserably to deal with the outlaws who are looting the poor masses without any fear even during broad daylight.

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