KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times

Recently, KCCI Research published a report: FY20 – KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times
In the report titled FY20 – KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times KCCI fought on all fronts for ensuring ease of doing business.
It launched relentless efforts in the areas of policy environment, taxation and much more. Even during COVID-19, KCCI persuaded
the government to reprioritize its resources to protect the business and industrial community in order to save the economy.
Even though KCCI had been advocating for solving Karachi’s woes, especially in the areas of infrastructure development
and provision of uninterrupted supplies of utilities, the chamber shifted gears after torrential rains in the city uncovered the
scale of the problems for Karachiites.

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Govt withdraws 5% regulatory duty on cotton yarn import

The govt. has abolished 5% regulatory duty on yarn import after paying heeds to the demand of textile exporters who anticipate shortage of the industrial input on falling cotton output in the country. Cotton crop was severely damaged due to torrential rainfalls this year. It is estimated that[…]

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ECC defers fund approval for Karachi

The federal govt. has deferred approval of an administrative and financing framework for the PKR 739Bn Karachi transformation package, which the centre wants to execute largely with the help of private sector due to fiscal constraints. Headed by Finance Adviser Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, ECC[…]

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State Bank eases regulations for ecommerce exporters

SBP has relaxed a requirement for small entrepreneurs related to business-to-consumer ecommerce exports in a bid to promote local brands in the international markets and increase export remittances. Under the new regulatory framework, the mandatory requirement of export (E) form has[…]

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Govt papers’ auction rules modified

SBP has modified the auction guidelines for Market Treasury Bills and PIBs. For participation in the competitive auction, the primary dealers will now submit competitive bids, for both MTBs and PIBs, in terms of price (up to four decimal points), as per new amended rule.[…]

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