KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times

Recently, KCCI Research published a report: FY20 – KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times
In the report titled FY20 – KCCI Outperforms in Challenging Times KCCI fought on all fronts for ensuring ease of doing business.
It launched relentless efforts in the areas of policy environment, taxation and much more. Even during COVID-19, KCCI persuaded
the government to reprioritize its resources to protect the business and industrial community in order to save the economy.
Even though KCCI had been advocating for solving Karachi’s woes, especially in the areas of infrastructure development
and provision of uninterrupted supplies of utilities, the chamber shifted gears after torrential rains in the city uncovered the
scale of the problems for Karachiites.

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PDomestic debt, liabilities reach PKR 24.64Tn

The federal govt.’s domestic debt and liabilities continued to surge reaching PKR 24.64Tn in Nov’20 due to massive borrowing for financing of fiscal deficit. SBP reported that the govt.’s overall stocks of domestic debt and liabilities posted an increase of 3.2% in 5MFY21. […]

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FDI declines 29% in H1FY21

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan fell 29% during 1HFY21. Overall FDI amounting to $ 952.6Mn recorded in 1HFY21 compared to $ 1.357Bn in 1HFY20, depicting a decline of $ 405Mn. During the period, FDI inflows were $ 1.535Bn as against $ 582.8Mn outflow. […]

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Pakistan asked to remove dumping duty on BOPP

A panel of the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the Geneva-based World Trade Organization has asked Pakistan to withdraw anti-dumping duty on import of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, which is used in food packaging, from the UAE. The panel was established by the DSB on the[…]

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Tax officers deputed at all sugar mills, FBR tells SAB

FBR has informed the Sugar Advisory Board (SAB) that it has deputed tax officers in all sugar mills for monitoring the production and clearance of the commodity from the mills to ensure accurate payment of taxes including sales tax. The representative of the FBR denied the stance of the chairman of the sugar mills association that the FBR is victimising the sugar mills. […]

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