Non-filers: DTOs authorised to disconnect utility connections

The government on Friday established 145 District Tax Offices (DTOs) across the country for bringing 1.5 million to 2 million new taxpayers into the tax net till June, 2024. The District Taxation Officers would be fully authorised to disconnect utility connections including electricity and gas connections and blocking of mobile SIMs of non-filers under section 114B in the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. The Board shall have the powers to issue Income Tax General Order in respect of persons who are not appearing on ATL but are liable to file return under the provisions of Income Tax Ordinance. The Income Tax general order may entail any or all of the following consequences for the persons mentioned therein: Disabling of Mobile Phones or Mobile Phone SIMs; discontinuance of electricity connection; and discontinuance of gas connection. (Business Recorder)