KCCI Press Release 2023-24

Date PR # English PR Urdu PR
Day not far when thousands to come out on streets across Pakistan, fears President KCCI
Urdu PR
KCCI for discontinuing tax exemption to Azad Kashmir, FATA/ PATA
Urdu PR
2024-02-07 48 Motiwala vows to keep struggling hard for resolving small traders’ issues Urdu PR
2024-02-02 47 Pakistan’s share in bilateral trade improving as Malaysia increases purchases of rice, frozen food: CG Urdu PR
2024-01-29 45 Filipino Envoy asks businessmen to look at Philippines for expanding trade Urdu PR
2024-01-27 44 Govt. urged to immediately release Rs7bln, decide about remaining Rs21bln pending against incremental consumption
Notification for power tariff at 9 cents/KWh to industrial consumers still awaited: Iftikhar Sheikh
Urdu PR
Motiwala for engaging youngsters in agriculture business
Urdu PR
2024-01-23 42 KCCI, TCCIMA extend full support to initiatives aimed at de-escalating Pakistan-Iran tensions Urdu PR
2024-01-22 41 Pakistan, Turkiye business communities urged to work hard for improving trade Urdu PR
Iftikhar Sheikh assures all out efforts for resolving small traders/ shopkeepers’ issues
Urdu PR
Caretaker setup made highest hike of 191 percent in Industrial Gas tariff: Iftikhar Sheikh
PM vociferously appealed to summon Stakeholders Meeting in national interest
Urdu PR
Iftikhar Sheikh announces reactivation of Rangers Monitoring & Complaint Cell at KCCI
Urdu PR
2024-01-10 33 Croatia-Pakistan trade exchange not strong enough to be proud of, says Envoy Urdu PR
2024-01-09 32 EU Envoy advises business community to take full advantage of GSP Plus by diversifying exports Urdu PR
2023-12-29 31 Envoy advises business community to diversify exports to Germany Urdu PR
2023-12-27 30 Rind vows to strictly deal with criminals for relief to business community, citizens of Karachi Urdu PR
2023-12-06 29 Germany keen to expand business ties with Pakistan: AHK Urdu PR
2023-11-25 26 Omani CG unhappy over limited trade volume
Business community advised to export fruits, vegetables, live meat
Urdu PR
2023-11-23 24 FBR Chief asked to get errors rectified in filing ST returns Urdu PR
2023-11-21 23 Govt appealed to bring gas tariff down to Rs1350 per MMBtu as per cost determined by OGRA
Industries ready to pay 100 pc gas cost only, not subsidies: KCCI, Industrial Town Associations
Urdu PR
2023-11-15 21 Younus Dagha for providing gas at cost to industries, ending cross-subsidization Urdu PR
2023-11-13 19 Commerce Ministry gave go ahead, Kenya-Pakistan JTC Meeting soon: Envoy
KCCI advised to identify exportable products for Kenyan Market
Urdu PR
2023-11-11 18 Despite FTA, good relations trade volume stays low at US$440 million only: Sri Lankan CG Urdu PR
2023-11-08 16 Phil Ramos terms ‘Karachi as New York of Pakistan’
Karachi Chamber’s nominations sought for joint taskforce to explore areas of mutual agreements
Urdu PR
2023-11-03 15 Indonesian CG for further developing trade, investment cooperation Urdu PR
2023-10-28 13 Minister assures to try best for bringing down gas tariffs
Release of Rs7bln against previous incremental consumption, winter package on the cards: Energy Minister
Urdu PR
2023-10-26 12 Need to devise legal framework to control shipping lines, terminal operators stressed Urdu PR
2023-10-25 11 KCCI, Industrial Town Associations unanimously term extortionate hike gas tariffs ‘unacceptable, unviable, unfeasible’
PM appealed not to accept ECC’s decision of gas tariff hike
Urdu PR
2023-10-24 10 APFEA delegation seeks KCCI’s help in dealing with rising raids by customs Urdu PR
2023-10-19 09 Thai Ambassador for resolving LCs, foreign currency repatriation issues to attract foreign investors Urdu PR
2023-10-16 07 KCCI welcomes cut in POL prices, hopes to see similar cut in electricity tariff Urdu PR
2023-10-11 05 Nigerian HC optimistic about achieving US$1 bln trade volume Urdu PR
2023-10-09 04 KCCI be taken on board to finalize industrial electricity tariff on incremental consumption
Gas tariff should be cost-based, cross-subsidization be discontinued: President KCCI
Urdu PR
2023-10-05 03 Envoy advises Pakistan to transform oil & coal-based economy to renewable & green economy Urdu PR
2023-10-03 02 KCCI, NUTECH ink MoU to agree upon principles for establishing NUTECH Karachi Campus Urdu PR
2023-10-02 01 KCCI’s 62nd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
Iftikhar Sheikh, Altaf Ghaffar, Tanveer Barry elected as President, SVP, VP
BMG Leadership appreciates performance of retiring office bearers; expects similar zeal from new team
Urdu PR

Archived PR 2022-23

Date PR # English PR Urdu PR
2023-09-26 129 President KCCI for complete ban on imported recycled plastic Urdu PR
2023-09-25 128 All 15 BMG Candidates victorious in KCCI Elections with massive margin
43,485 votes casted in favor of BMG, opponent gets 315 votes only
Urdu PR
2023-09-16 126 KCCI perturbed over exorbitant hike in petroleum prices Urdu PR
2023-09-07 125 Governor appreciated for actively advocating KCCI’s stance against inflated electricity bills Urdu PR
Advisors ask taxpayers to fearlessly approach FTO for free-of-cost, timely justice
Urdu PR
2023-09-05 123 SIFC holds detailed discussions with Karachi’s business community Urdu PR
2023-08-28 121 KCCI Chief appeals immediate relief in electricity bills by tomorrow Urdu PR
2023-08-26 120 BMG, KCCI Leadership term unbearable electricity tariff as ‘unviable’ Urdu PR
2023-08-23 119 Motiwala extends full support to interim govt in dealing with economic crises, inflation, cost of doing business Urdu PR
KCCI Chief slams FBR’s discrimination towards Karachi, demands similar treatment towards Sindh for Section 7E
Urdu PR
2023-08-18 117 Uzbekistan, Pakistan trade volume to reach US$1 billion in two years: Envoy Urdu PR
2023-08-16 116 KCCI asks govt. to withdraw hike in Petroleum Prices, electricity tariff Urdu PR
2023-08-12 114 18-member Malaysian delegation visits KCCI for B2B meetings Urdu PR
2023-08-09 113 KCCI holds free medical camp to facilitate members, general public Urdu PR
2023-08-05 112 FBR Chief announces perpetual committee for expediting deferred ST refunds, policy changes Urdu PR
2023-08-04 111 Malaysian trade delegation to arrive in Karachi next week: CG Urdu PR
2023-07-24 110 KCCI urges FM, SBP to take notice of Banks’ denial to issue LCs Urdu PR
2023-07-21 109 Korea to establish IT Center in Karachi, says Envoy Urdu PR
2023-07-20 108 KCCI praises creation of Web Platform for Spot Trading of Currency Urdu PR
2023-07-19 107 Need to display Tobacco & Smoke Free signages at business houses stressed Urdu PR
2023-07-13 106 KCCI dismayed over suspension of gas supply to industries for two days a week, appeals Govt. to take notice Urdu PR
2023-07-11 105 HC advises Karachi’s business community to invest in Ghana Urdu PR
2023-07-05 104 Base tariff hike under IMF agreement to give serious blow to exports, local production: Tariq Yousuf Urdu PR
2023-07-04 103 Iranian delegation visits KCCI to explore possibilities of jointly facilitating holy pilgrimages Urdu PR
2023-06-26 101 Karachi Chamber, Greenwich University ink MoU to foster industry-academia linkages Urdu PR
2023-06-22 100 Assistance sought for encouraging firms to participate in Pakistan Investment Pipeline Program Urdu PR
2023-06-20 98 KCCI for restoring zero-rating, RCET, all incentives under National Textile & Apparel Policy Urdu PR
2023-06-17 97 China in a perfect position to help Pakistan develop SME sector: CG Urdu PR
2023-06-14 96 Chief Secretary assures to take up & amicably resolve issues on top priority Urdu PR
2023-06-07 94 Cooperative Market delegation seeks KCCI’s assistance in dealing with lackluster business activities
Govt must come up with effective plan in budget to bring down inflation
Urdu PR
2023-06-06 93 SM Tanveer asks KCCI to join hands for resolving common issues Urdu PR
Govt. to do everything to support business & industrial sector: Ishaq Dar
Urdu PR
2023-05-31 91 Turkiye CG for holding Pakistan’s Single Country Exhibition in Istanbul Urdu PR
2023-05-26 90 KCCI’s assistance sought in dealing unjust demand for CVT retrospectively Urdu PR
2023-05-23 89 FEDERAL BUDGET PROPOSALS 2023-24
Karachi Chamber for out-of-the-box solutions to avoid further downslide of economy
Urdu PR
2023-05-18 88 No illegal raids from now onwards by I&I Officials, says Tariq Yousuf Urdu PR
2023-05-16 87 President KCCI assures support to small traders/ shopkeepers in dealing with law & order, infrastructure issues Urdu PR
2023-05-15 86 BMG, KCCI Leadership urges stakeholders to sit together without egoism for country’s sake Urdu PR
2023-05-10 85 President KCCI underscores need to gear up Pakistan-Korea FTA Urdu PR
2023-05-03 84 KCCI demands immediate restoration of RCET for electricity, natural gas, RLNG Urdu PR
2023-04-27 83 Belgium enjoys strong business relations with Pakistan: Charles Delogne Urdu PR
2023-04-26 82 President KCCI seeks extension in last date of electricity bills payment Urdu PR
2023-04-13 81 Business community advised to explore new avenues of trade cooperation with Tajikistan Urdu PR
2023-04-04 79 President KCCI demands immediate restoration of gas to all industries of Karachi Urdu PR
2023-04-03 78 Govt urged to take good intentions into consideration, set factory owner free Urdu PR
2023-03-30 77 KCCI to remain open till 5:00PM on Friday for Membership renewal Urdu PR
2023-03-22 76 KCCI notifies timings during Ramadan ul Mubarak Urdu PR
2023-03-21 75 Under long term strategy, IP procedures to be simplified through digitalization: Farrukh Amil Urdu PR
2023-03-17 73 KCCI advises members to get membership renewed by March 31 Urdu PR
2023-03-15 72 Russia, Pakistan cooperation to develop rapidly despite sanctions: CG Urdu PR
2023-03-14 71 Ashfaq Tola for unity, political stability to pull economy out of crises Urdu PR
2023-03-10 69 Bangladeshi Envoy asks KCCI to send business delegation to 35th largest economy of the world Urdu PR
2023-03-06 68 18th My Karachi Exhibition concludes with presentation of Rs5 million cheque for earthquake affectees in Türkiye Urdu PR
2023-03-04 66 CS appreciates My Karachi Expo, extends full support to KCCI's for all such events improving Karachi's image Urdu PR
2023-03-02 64 President KCCI worried over sharp increase in dollar reaching Rs285
Policy rate increase by 300 basis points totally unacceptable: Tariq Yousuf
Urdu PR
2023-02-25 63 KCCI asks Commissioner to establish Special Reporting Cells at district-level
Local Administration stressed to come up with some other ideas for security at National Stadium
Urdu PR
2023-02-22 62 Sardar Tanveer urges Karachi’s business to set up industrial units in AJK Urdu PR
Mini Budget may further worsen inflation & economy, exert unbearable pressure on businesses, common man: KCCI
Urdu PR
Kazakhstan for signing Transit Trade Agreement, MoU between Central Banks
Urdu PR
Zubair Motiwala urges Govt. to pressurize shipping lines, terminal operators for maximum relief
Urdu PR
2023-02-08 58 18th My Karachi Exhibition to start at Expo Center from March 3: Zubair Motiwala Urdu PR
2023-02-7 57 Nepalese Ambassador for directly exchanging tradeable goods Urdu PR
2023-2-3 56 Indonesian CG for enhanced interactions to further strengthen trade, economic cooperation Urdu PR
2023-2-2 55 Blocked imported consignments pave way for massive smuggling of automobile spare parts: PASPIDA Urdu PR
2023-2-1 54 BMG, KCCI strongly condemn attack on Mohammad Lakhani, demand immediate arrest of culprits Urdu PR
KE urged to resolve all electricity-related business community’s issues on top priority
Urdu PR
2023-1-28 52 STRANDED CONTAINERS KCCI Chief urges Terminal Operators, Shipping Cos to share burden of demurrage, detention losses Urdu PR
2023-1-24 51 KCCI appreciates Govt’s announcement to waive demurrage, port charges
Hopes to see similar relief from Shipping Cos, Freight Forwarders, Port Handlers
Urdu PR
2023-1-19 50 SBP seeks details for clearance of imported stuck-up containers Urdu PR
2023-1-17 48 Morad Nemati for finalizing Iran Pakistan FTA at the earliest Urdu PR
2023-1-13 47 AQ Khalil advises JPSD to focus on setting up universities for prosperous future Urdu PR
2023-1-7 44 KE reduced T&D losses but failed to improve power generation: Chairman NEPRA Urdu PR
2023-1-6 43 Turkish Cos invested US$2bln in Pakistan, more being encouraged: Eyyup Yildirim
Tariq Yousuf seeks Turkish investment in halal food, energy, infrastructure, telecom
Urdu PR
2023-1-5 42 LCs not being opened to date despite SBP’s clear instructions to banks: Tariq Yousuf
Detained Containers be released immediately without demurrage charges: President KCCI
Urdu PR
2023-1-5 41 KCCI President appeals Govt. to allow business hours for shops till 10:00PM
Marriage Halls, restaurants be kept open till 11:00PM
Urdu PR
2023-1-4 40 President KCCI seeks AIGP’s help in dealing with continuous traffic jams at University Road Urdu PR
2022-12-26 38 KCCI Chief requests Sindh Govt to hold consultation before finalizing, implementing revised timings Urdu PR
2022-12-24 36 KCCI for deferring last date of tax payment under Section-7E Urdu PR
2022-12-23 35 Limitation on remittances, imports make difficult for French Cos to operate in Pakistan: Envoy Urdu PR
2022-12-22 34 US$5 billion trade volume can be achieved easily, says Iranian CG Urdu PR
2022-12-21 33 Shutting down shops, restaurants at 8:00PM totally impractical, says Tariq Yousuf
Shopkeepers, restaurants be allowed to operate till 10:00PM
Urdu PR
2022-12-16 32 LCs stoppage to trigger massive layoffs soon, warns KCCI
PM, FM appealed to save industries from closure, poor masses from unemployment
Urdu PR
2022-12-15 31 Algeria offers lot of trade, investment opportunities: Brahim Romani Urdu PR
2022-12-14 30 Pakistan can become next Saudi Arabia in terms of green energy: German Envoy Urdu PR
2022-12-6 29 Tariq Yousuf underscore need to transform Pakistan-China friendship into industrial partnership Urdu PR
2022-12-5 28 KCCI appoints Chairmen for 18 Sub-Committees, three Special Committees Urdu PR
2022-12-2 27 Pakistan-Vietnam trade volume to cross US$1 billion soon: Nguyen Thi Urdu PR
2022-11-30 24 Seriously looking at CPEC to improve trade with Pakistan, CARs: Sri Lankan HC Urdu PR
2022-11-29 23 BMG, KCCI Leadership express grief on sad demise of SM Muneer Urdu PR
2022-11-23 22 Malaysian CG underscores need to review 15-year-old FTA Urdu PR
2022-11-22 21 Moroccan Envoy for enhanced interaction between business communities to improve trade Urdu PR
2022-11-21 20 Zubair Motiwala skeptical about SSGC's petition
Industries alone should not be overburden, any tariff hike be applied to fertilizer, commercial, domestic sectors as well
Urdu PR
2022-11-18 19 Bilateral trade continues to show steady growth: Al-Ansari
Qatar ready to welcome visitors at FIFA World Cup 2022
Urdu PR
2022-11-17 18 Almost all industries closed, gas pressure zero, production at standstill
KCCI, Industrial Town Associations to announce protests if relief not provided immediately
PM, Energy Minister urged to take notice, make arrangement for RLNG to SSGC as well
Urdu PR
2022-11-11 16 KCCI, APC sign MoU for strengthening bilateral trade Urdu PR
2022-11-5 15 Revamped valuation process to follow intl. market-based concept: Chairman FBR Urdu PR
2022-11-4 14 Change in GSP Plus procedure to be decided by EU’s parliament, says Belgian Ambassador Urdu PR
2022-11-3 13 Poland-Pakistan trade improved to US$722 million, says Polish Envoy Urdu PR
2022-11-2 12 Brazilian Envoy for face-to-face interaction between business communities Urdu PR
2022-11-1 11 KCCI welcomes Dar’s move to keep POL prices intact, extend last date for IT returns, raise LCs limit Urdu PR
2022-10-29 10 KCCI for extending last date for filing IT returns to Nov 30 Urdu PR
2022-10-27 9 KCCI, ICCIMA ink MoU to establish practical framework for business relations development Urdu PR
2022-10-25 8 Main focus on Sindh’s agriculture, livestock sectors: Argentinean Envoy Urdu PR
24-Oct-2022 7 PFA seeks KCCI’s assistance in dealing with Tier-I retailers’ issue Urdu PR
18-Oct-2022 6 President KCCI urges MSPIDA members to go for local manufacturing of spare parts Urdu PR
17-Oct-2022 5 CONNECTING PAKISTAN & ETHIOPIA Seven to ten agreements within this month or next: Ambassador Urdu PR
13-Oct-2022 4 KCCI advised to look into possibility of organizing exhibition in collaboration with ICMA Urdu PR
8-Oct-2022 3 KCCI appreciates subsidized electricity to export industries, requests similar relief for general industries Urdu PR
6-Oct-2022 2 FTO appoints President KCCI as Honorary Advisor Urdu PR
Motiwala urges business community to exhibit complete unity for resolving Karachi’s issues
Urdu PR

Archived PR

Date PR # English PR Urdu PR
28-Sep-22 128 KCCI Managing Committee unanimously elects Office Bearers for 2022-23
Tariq Yousuf elected as President, Touseef Ahmed as SVP, Haris Agar as VP
Urdu PR
26-Sep-22 127 KCCI for extension in last date for IT returns to Dec 31, 2022 Urdu PR
22-Sep-22 126 Top brass must get national priorities in order, fix ailing economy in sustainable manner: KCCI Chief Urdu PR
15-Sep-22 125 KCCI appeals Govt. to allow agricultural imports from Wagha Border Urdu PR
13-Sep-22 124 LEAs failed miserably to control street crimes, maintain peace in Karachi: Muhammad Idrees Urdu PR
10-Sep-22 123 All 15 BMG Candidates elected unopposed in KCCI Election 2022-23 Urdu PR
2-Sep-22 121 DG ASF for setting up Industrial Zone at M-9 Motorway Urdu PR
30-Aug-22 120 KCCI appreciates FM for revival of IMF Program Urdu PR
29-Aug-22 119 Withdraw unprecedented hike in electricity tariff, FAC & Fixed Charges, demands KCCI
Industries to close down on their own due to unabsorbable tariffs: Zubair Motiwala
Urdu PR
24-Aug-22 118 Govt revived 2013 Youth Programs to make youngsters independent, not a burden: SPAM Urdu PR
23-Aug-22 117 KCCI welcomes PM’s notice of inflated electricity bills, underscores need to
rationalize tariffs
Urdu PR
19-Aug-22 116 KCCI, AWT ink MoU for sending providing relief to affectees in Baluchistan
KCCI hands over Rs1 million cheque to Alamgir Trust for relief activities
Urdu PR
15-Aug-22 115 SBP agrees to release all stuck-up containers within 2 to 3 days: Muhammad Idrees Urdu PR
13-Aug-22 114 National Flat hosting ceremony at KCCI -
12-Aug-22 113 Dr. Wasif urges IT businesses to come back to Karachi to enjoy lowest ST Urdu PR
11-Aug-22 112 BoI delegation assures KCCI's representative inclusion in BoI Board Urdu PR